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Our story

At Magdalene Pivoine, we are dedicated to elevating your buying experience, whether you are looking to purchase an engagement ring, statement piece, or anniversary item. We’ll guide you through the entire process and help you select your dream ring, source the best diamond, and ensure you receive your piece on time - we have a consistent average of 3 weeks turnaround time and offer speedy 1-week deliveries upon request.

We only work with suppliers who are members of the Responsible Jewelry Council and exclusive members of The Plumb Club.

Our lab diamonds and most of our settings are made in NYC. We also offer Fair Trade and ethically sourced gemstones that can be traced to individual mines and support local communities, including Anza Gems, Capricorn Gems, Columbia Gem House, and many more.

We create each piece for the individual center diamonds so your piece will last a lifetime without the worry of losing stones. We offer curated designs, the option to build your own ring, as well as customized pieces - simply tell us what you like, and we'll deliver an exceptional product for you.