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Low Profile Engagement Rings

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Low Profile Engagement Rings

What are Low Profile Engagement Rings

Low-profile engagement rings are characterized by the center gemstone sitting lower on the shank, bringing the head closer to the ring shank and the finger. This creates a sleek look that is both elegant and practical.

Traditional settings, including classic ones such as the Tiffany setting, were designed to raise the center diamond for better display. However, today's lifestyle calls for a more practical approach, especially for women who wear their rings daily and use their hands frequently. At Magdalene Pivoine, our approach is to keep our settings low-profile, thus eliminating unnecessary space under the center gemstone and keeping the head as low as possible. This not only creates a more elegant look but is also more practical for everyday wear. By sitting closer to the skin and not sticking out, these rings are less likely to catch on clothing or hit objects.

Low-set diamond engagement rings are crafted so that the head or basket holding the center gemstone sits close to the shank. These can be in prong or bezel settings, where the center gemstone is surrounded by a thin metal. The diamond in these low-profile engagement rings usually sits very close to the band, which is especially useful if your partner prefers a more subtle design or has a profession that requires frequent hand movements, such as in healthcare or office settings.

Benefits of Low Profile Engagement Rings

Low profile engagement rings are all the rage these days, and for good reason! Let me break it down for you:

More Practical

First off, they're super practical. If you're always on the go or work with your hands a lot, these rings are a game-changer. The lower setting means your diamond is less likely to get caught on things or scratched up. Whether you're a nurse, a gym enthusiast, or just someone who likes to get their hands dirty, a low profile ring won't slow you down.


Comfort is another big plus. You know that annoying feeling when your ring gets in the way? With a low profile design, that's a thing of the past. These rings sit snug on your finger, so you're less likely to snag them on your clothes or accidentally knock them against stuff. It's perfect if you like to keep your ring on 24/7.


Now, let's talk style. Low profile rings are like the chameleons of the jewelry world - they go with everything! They're subtle enough for everyday wear but still add that touch of elegance to dressier outfits. And if you're into layering your jewelry? These rings play well with others, so stack away!

For all you trendsetters out there, low profile rings have that sleek, modern look that's so in right now. They're sophisticated without being over-the-top, which is exactly what a lot of people are looking for these days.


Durability is another big win. Since the stone sits closer to your finger, it's less exposed to the bumps and knocks of daily life. This means your ring is likely to stay in better shape for longer, saving you from those annoying (and expensive) repair trips.


And don't think for a second that "low profile" means boring! There are tons of ways to customize these rings. Designers can get really creative with band details, side stones, and unique settings. You can still have a ring that's totally "you" while keeping that practical low profile.

All in all, low profile engagement rings are perfect for modern couples who want a ring that can keep up with their lifestyle while still being a beautiful symbol of their love. It's like having your cake and eating it too - practical and pretty.

Choosing The Right Low Profile Engagement Ring

 We have several unique low profile engagement rings that can fit according to your taste. Here are some of them:

Low Profile Solitaire Engagement Rings

Whether you prefer a more classic and elegant look, we offer a variety of low profile diamond engagement rings in solitaire designs, featuring a single sparkling center diamond set in a gorgeous hidden halo for that extra sophisticated touch. These rings are set low on the band, making them a timeless choice due to their sophistication and simplicity. These designs are available with any center diamond shape, including round, oval, emerald, and radiant, and we can customize them into more unique low-profile engagement rings. For those who prefer more opulent designs, we have a collection of low-profile engagement rings with French pavé on the shank, such as our low profile emerald cut engagement ring, low-profile oval engagement ring, radiant or round.

In addition, we offer open or closed low profile engagement ring setting with hidden halo as well more classic basket head.

Low Profile Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

For those who like to take their design to a different level, we are creating a series of unique low-profile engagement rings, such as this engagement ring with graduated emerald tapered baguettes and diamonds in an invisible setting inspired by Art Deco. It features a low-profile emerald-cut engagement diamond at the center, surrounded by step-cut tapered diamonds on both sides of the shank in an invisible setting.