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Article: Ultimate Guide to Finding Her Ring Size: 25 Clever & Romantic Ideas

Ultimate Guide to Finding Her Ring Size: 25 Clever & Romantic Ideas

Ultimate Guide to Finding Her Ring Size: 25 Clever & Romantic Ideas

Discovering the perfect ring size for your future fiancée can be an exciting yet daunting task. Whether you're planning a surprise proposal or selecting a meaningful gift, knowing her ring size is essential to get the design right from the get-go. It's easier to get the right finger size before making a piece than trying to resize it after the ring is complete.

While some designs are fairly easy to resize (our recommendations are up to one size up or down), there are some designs that are pretty much impossible to adjust after the ring is complete. These include eternity bands and rings that are covered 360 degrees in gemstones or diamonds, which is why it's important to get the right finger size before making a ring.

To make this task easier for you, at Magdalene Pivoine, we offer a free ring sizer with your purchase, and we've put together a comprehensive guide with creative ideas on 25 ways to discreetly find out her ring size, from borrowing a ring to staging a romantic setup. Read up on these ideas on how to get her finger size for a perfectly fitting symbol of your love.
  1. Borrow a Ring: Borrow one of her rings that she wears on the ring finger (make sure she won't notice it's missing) and use a ring sizer to measure it.

  2. Ask Her Friends or Family: Enlist the help of her close friends or family members who might know her ring size or can help discreetly find out.

  3. Check Her Jewelry Box: Sneak a peek into her jewelry box when she's not around to see if there are any rings you can use for sizing reference.

  4. Take Note of Her Ring Size: Observe any rings she wears on her ring finger and try to estimate the size based on how they fit on your own fingers.

  5. Use a Printable Ring Sizer: Print out a ring sizing chart from a reputable jewelry website and find a subtle way to get her to use it without raising suspicion.

  6. Engage in Jewelry Shopping: Go window shopping for jewelry together and casually try on rings to gauge her reaction and get an idea of her size.

  7. Get Creative with a Game: Invent a game or activity that involves measuring each other's fingers as part of the fun.

  8. Enlist Her Help with a Made-Up Survey: Create a fake survey about jewelry preferences and slip in a question about ring size.

  9. Make a Romantic Gesture: Present her with a "promise ring" or another piece of jewelry as a romantic gesture, and use it as an opportunity to get her ring size.

  10. Ask Her Directly: If you're comfortable, you can always ask her directly about her ring size, perhaps framing it as part of a future planning conversation.

  11. Get Crafty with Clay: Use moldable clay to create a replica of her ring finger and take it to a jeweler for sizing.

  12. Consult Her Social Media: Look through her social media accounts for any photos or mentions of rings that might give you clues about her size preferences.

  13. Pay Attention to Finger Swelling: Pay attention to times when her fingers might be swollen, such as hot weather or after exercising, as this can affect ring size.

  14. Engage in Subtle Conversations: Casually bring up topics related to jewelry or ring sizes in conversation and see if she drops any hints.

  15. Sneakily Measure Her Finger: While she's asleep or distracted, use a piece of string or paper to gently wrap around her finger and mark the size.

  16. Enlist Her Best Friend: If her best friend is trustworthy, ask for their assistance in finding out her ring size without her knowing.

  17. Use a Multifunctional Ring: Gift her a ring that can be worn on different fingers and see which one fits her ring finger best.

  18. Attend a Jewelry Event: Attend a jewelry show or event together and encourage her to try on rings for fun, taking note of the sizes she tries.

  19. Consult a Jewelry Expert: Seek advice from a professional jeweler who may have creative methods for finding out her ring size discreetly.

  20. Be Observant During Physical Contact: Pay attention during moments of physical affection, such as holding hands, and subtly compare the size of her finger to yours.

  21. Make a Story Out of It: Invent a story about needing her ring size for a surprise gift for someone else to throw her off the scent.

  22. Use a Ring Size App: Download a ring size app on your phone and playfully suggest measuring each other's fingers for fun.

  23. Stage a Proposal Setup: Playfully stage a mock proposal and use it as an opportunity to measure her finger without arousing suspicion.

  24. Join a Jewelry Subscription Service: Sign up for a jewelry subscription service that offers a free trial period and use it as a way to discreetly measure her finger.

  25. Trust Your Instincts: Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose the method that feels most natural and comfortable for your relationship dynamic.

Hope this will give you some inspiration. We are continuously coming up with new ideas, so keep coming back for more.

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